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Childs was declared dead at the scene. The Delaware County Medical Examiner later ruled his death a homicide due to a single penetrating gunshot wound of the back. Authorities said his killer fled the business complex with about $20, as well as Childs' company-issued cellphone. Authorities believe Childs was killed between 3:30-3:40 a.m. Shelton - a resident of North Carolina who was known to frequent Philadelphia and Atlanta - was a suspect early on, Whelan said back in June. Hours after Childs' body was discovered, a ping from his stolen phone led investigators to nearby Fernwood Cemetery. There, a 9-mm High Point handgun was found on the roof of a mausoleum, and the missing cellphone and loose currency were recovered on the ground, adjacent to cemetery fencing directly across the street from the industrial park entrance. Investigators determined that the recovered gun was registered to a North Carolina woman. They also determined that two 9-mm cartridge casings recovered from the crime scene were discharged by the High Point handgun. In October, when investigators traveled to North Carolina to interview the gun owner, she told them she purchased the firearm in May 2015, but then gave the gun to her friend, whom she identified as Shelton, according to the probable cause affidavit support the warrant for Shelton's arrest. Through investigation, detectives determined that Shelton traveled on June 6, 2015, from Hampton, Va., to Philadelphia by Mega bus and left the area by bus the day after Childs' murder. Shelton's phone records show on June 9 a 13-minute phone call made from his number at about 3 a.m.

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After you have worked in a family law practice or as a clerk, consider opening a solo practice or small law firm. In divorce cases, you can use Custody or the other party uses the threat of custody to lower child support or get equity in a house, etc. It's up to the person with the power of attorney, called the agent, to prove that the principal is not capable of making that decision. Hire an experienced attorney. Mediation is a dispute resolution procedure that encourages parties to negotiate a consent agreement with a mediator as facilitator. Additional Considerations Ask the lawyer if he has experience in dealing with finances if you and your spouse have large investments or complicated finances. Then, make a decision about the best one for your case and call to set up the next meeting. Some lawyers are very successful at mediation, which keeps you out of the courtroom yet gets results. In some states it is mandatory that if the person seeking enforcement wins her case, her counsel fees must be paid by the other party. on-line legal directories, such as Martindale-Hubbell and FindLaw, can help you to search for lawyers in your city by practice area. Consult a lawyer referral service or directory of your state's bar members. Search for attorneys who are on their own or part of a small law firm. If one parent is not allowing you contact or visitation with your child, then file for emergency custody stating the parent is UNFIT, as they are depriving the father of visitation.

You can also look in the phone book or on-line business directory for lawyers who specialize in your area of need. Ask about qualifications and fee structure -- whether it's based on the service, such as a will, hourly or on a contingency basis. Bar an agent from performing a certain act through legal action. If a husband gives opposing counsel a CD containing Mozart’s symphonies rather than the business books required as part of the discovery process, this could be considered misconduct–especially if he tries such tricks repeatedly.